What's Hot

What's Hot

Almost everyone asks us about social media, search marketing, and why it’s so expensive to send out a direct mail piece today.

Social Media

Social media has burst on the scene with a frenzy; small and big companies alike are trying to integrate this viral form of marketing to leverage its perceived cost-effective means of business development. Twitter and Facebook receive the most recognition as electronic medias, but in its pure sense any grass roots medium functions as social media (print, public speaking, etc.) when the message is passed on.

Search Marketing

More formally known as search engine marketing (SEM), it seeks to promote websites, landing pages, or other electronic forms of communication. Specific components of SEM, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) have become profitable marketing channels that have seen huge continued growth.  Google has revolutionized the industry with their Adwords concept.

Direct Mail

(What’s Not Hot?)

Why have so many companies avoided direct mail? In simple terms – it’s not cost effective!

Direct mail is influenced by postage rates that continue to increase, the cost of printing, mailing services’ fees and the general lack of response. Yes, electronic mediums can’t claim that much greater response, but the subsequent cost to initiate an electronic campaign is significantly less.

Nonetheless, direct mail is still very effective with acquisition marketing, the method of communicating to a new prospect or acquiring new accounts.

So What’s The Answer?

Companies must choose their business development tools on what’s appropriate and effective for their target audience and current clients, not on what is hot in the marketplace. Nevertheless, the proper exposure and education on these newer and more current electronic marketing channels and communication techniques is essential. It allows organizations to integrate these mediums in a timely matter so that they can be leveraged to their full capacity – make a concerted effort to stay in the know!

Our Hot Button

Most organizations cannot afford to remain motionless with their business development; the normal attrition of business clients and business in general accelerates during economic down turns. New clients have to replace those who were lost; even if average client purchases are less, these new clients will provide revenue opportunity as the economy expands. Our objective is to maintain customer retention and build loyalty as well as to continue developing a broader customer base.

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