A Self Assessment of Your Organization's...

Business Development & Marketing Functions

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Take this simple questionnaire and determine how your organization
measures up on the business development scale.

Check the box next to the following questions that apply to your organization:

Does your Organization apply these Strategic Planning concepts?

Does your organization integrate a written marketing plan to help strategically focus on its goals?
Do you categorize your prospects or current customers’ business as acquisition, retention, or loyalty?
Are you using a database or customer relationship management (CRM) software that helps process, track, and evaluate your customer’s or member’s activity?
Does your customer service department and sales force work in tandem with your marketing operations?
Has your org categorized its clients into segments to better understand who buys what and how to evaluate similar needs?
Have you carefully measured your business seasonality, specifically looking at how business rises and falls during specific times of the year; such as holiday periods, summer, etc.?
Does your org evaluate business development trends that can promote more efficient hiring/layoffs, product purchasing, and capital investments?
Does your company measure its overall financial health by including marketing and sales performance?
Do your marketing/sales communications differentiate your organization from the competition?
Does your Organization fully leverage the following Marketing Channels or Communication Mediums?
A Website
Search Marketing - Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Pay Per Click (PPC) 
Email Marketing (newsletters, email blasts, etc.).
Social Media/Blogs (viral marketing)
Webinars/Seminars/Event Marketing
Smart Phone Applications/Quick Response (QR) codes
Out-of-Home Advertising (billboard, transit, etc.)
Direct Mail
Collateral brochures and printed materials
Corporate Identity Stationery (business cards, letterhead, invoices, envelopes, etc.)
Prospect Marketing Lists (email or direct mail)
Print Advertising (magazine, newspaper, etc.)
Follow-up correspondence to client orders
Association Networks
Promotional Give-A-Ways

While every channel or medium listed above is not a viable communication tool for all businesses and organizations, it is critical in this economic environment to remain extremely vigilant about communicating, networking, and creating top-of-mind awareness of your products and services to all customers and prospects. 

How did you score

A score of 18+ reflects a strong commitment to a business development process.
A score of 12-17 would benefit from increased communication engagement
A score of 5-11 has work to do
A score under 5 requires a new strategic directive.

Are there mediums mentioned above that your organization could improve on? Must improve on?

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