• Devise a moving-forward strategy
  • Learn from your past experiences
  • Work across company functions
  • Build healthier ROI
  • Work as a trusted partner

I Design & Associate strengthens existing
customer loyalty and builds
new business relationships…

Are you ready to unleash a business
development campaign?

We manage your web presence and traditional marketing channels so that they deliver for you!

We build the right plans, for the right audience, with the right communication/ media mix that yields success.

Business Strategy

How we design a business-marketing plan that fits your needs…



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Blending Internet & Traditional Marketing:

These mediums work collectively to reinforce a given message, create top-of-mind brand awareness, and formulate measurable responses that convert to sales.

Profitability is based on performance:

How do we create and recognize success?
We measure performance through analytics – whether the analytics are web based or traditional marketing-based we measure results to facilitate better decision making, media selection, sustain performance, and most importantly, to drive profitable ROI.